Library24h Leonardo is a vending machine to sell and rental of end products. System consists of a 3-axis robotic automated warehouse and an aluminum structure that supports the trays over which the products will be positioned and available to rent or to sell.

Trays are 300x250mm shelves, and it’s possible accommodate large products (book, tablet, etc.) or small products (pen, key chain, etc..).


After insert badge, user can choose from touch screen monitor if return the product or borrow another one. In this last case when user has selected a product, vending machine pick up the tray with the selection from the warehouse and will present it to the costumer on the dispenser compartment. Dispenser and return compartment coincide and are located close to the touchscreen of the machine.


– Load the product directly from the warehouse, when the distributor is not busy with a customer, it reorganize automatically the warehouse identifying the book by reading the identification code;

– Double detection system, one on the pickup robot and one on the return compartment, to return the book as quickly as possible;

– Fidelity card player to identify the user, for example to recognize the user from a library already registered;

– Credit card player, banknotes and coins with change-giver integrated, with the possibility to sell various products, including books, or to have a rental books rate;

– Web chat with video camera, microphone and speakers to interact directly with the manager / owner of the distributor;

– Automatic detection of the book thickness for optimization of dynamic warehouse;

– Latest generation software with a communication protocol open to any library system, including SIP2;

– Possibility of extending the warehouse even at a later time;

– Counter withdrawal / return with double safety system;

– Industrial computer with a solid state hard disk;

– Touch screen with the latest generation infrared technology;